Equis Enterprises LLC is positioning investors to capitalize on the looming COVID19 pandemic housing crisis. Experts agree that while the full impact of this pending crisis is unknown, they do agree it is on the way. There is expectation the new President Biden administration will implement measures to minimize the economic devastation to avoid a repeat of 2010. With that said, opportunity will present itself.


In certain cases, Equis Enterprises LLC strategies will rent back the property to the current owner or, rent to a new occupant or, offer to assume the mortgage or, sell the property back to the owner at a later date or lastly dispose of it as market conditions allow.


Equis Enterprises LLC performed well for investors in 2010 and has plans to repeat this success in 2021.  


Equis Enterprises LLC will again use their extensive network to seek out and acquire distressed property. 

Why invest with Equis, other firms will have similar offerings? 


Equis Enterprises LLC has had significant operations in the Nation's Capitol Washington DC since 2005. During those 15 years we have developed extensive contacts throughout the financial, banking, legislative, lobbying and economic agencies, solid relationships that guide us to areas affected, government responses and mortgaging as they did in 2010.  information not always known to the general public or reported through news outlets.

Why invest in an Opportunity Fund?

Qualifying investments offer three unique and compelling tax advantages - investors can defer paying federal capital gains tax from recently sold investments until December 31, 2026, reduce that tax payment by 10%, and pay as little as zero taxes on their Opportunity Fund investment if held for 10+ years. Investors can also help spur economic growth in historically underinvested neighborhoods.


For those of you who may have missed the 2010 opportunity, sign up now and let's get started!


$5,000.00 min investment - accredited investor

$2,500.00 min investment - junior investor


If you are a large or institutional investor, contact us directly at info@equisenterprisesllc.com.