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Who We Are

Who is Equis Enterprises?
Equis was formed in the year 2010 to pool capital, often referred to as crowdfunding, for the purpose of acquiring, renovating, leasing and selling of properties in the geographical regions of Louisiana, Georgia, District of Columbia, Florida and South Carolina.  

As the housing crisis loomed in 2010, Equis Enterprises LLC, an early adopter of crowdfunding, saw the opportunity to acquire and hold a variety of commercial and residential properties. Equis did this within group formed private placement portfolios and saw the opportunity to capitalize on this economic downturn.

Our senior members made precise purchases and waited for an economic rebound to again. Today, and as an example, a property that was acquired for pennies on the dollar may be worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The majority of these properties required construction or renovation work to be completed. Under the management of Equis Enterprises LLC, these properties paid out big.